2022 Mystery Box SMALL

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***House of the Flying Disc Mystery Box Sale***

It’s that time of year again!!!

From now until December 31, get your House of the Flying Disc mystery boxes:

$68 shipped you get 4 discs,including a collector disc (plus dri fit, mini, and more)

$116 shipped you get 7 discs, including 2 collectors! Plus shirt, mini, and more of course!

** New this year- every box is guaranteed to have at least one glow disc!

By collector I mean a sought after collector disc- 2021 and older tour series discs, team stamp, ect! Check out the picture!

Sexton Firebirds, Cloudbreakers, tour series, and more gems are in these boxes and this year I will be trying a different way to randomly select who gets what collectors AND I’m not replacing any collectors with new ones until all these are gone! So your collector(s) will be something from the photo guaranteed!! When these run out I’ll post a new picture with more.

All discs will be new and unthrown.

ALSO, every 📦 will have a House of the Flying Disc COLOR GLOW mini AND a HOTFD long or short sleeve dri fit shirt on top of other goodies- stickers, ect.

*Shirt sizes are small-2xl. If your size isn’t available I’ll substitute with something else cool!

I’ll be digging into my personal collection for these and I want y’all to know that these will all be HOOKED UP with love. I truly enjoy putting these together. I want everyone to be happy so if there’s any special requests you have as far as brands, molds, colors, types of discs, ect I will do my best to accommodate them. Satisfaction guaranteed!

I’ve been doing these mystery boxes around the holidays for years now and people are pleased EVERY TIME! Can’t wait to show my thanks for your continued support.

Message Luke Bagnardi or call or text 2102451406! Paypal accepted. Can also run your card over the phone or you may use it on my website once I get them on there.

*Texas residents will be subject to sales tax.