Dynamic Discs Junior Recruit Basket Disc Golf Target


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From DD:

The Junior Recruit is designed to exactly mimic its bigger counterpart in the ever popular Recruit basket. Featuring 13 zinc-coated chains, a two-piece pole for easy assembly, and a sturdy base, the Junior Recruit is sure to be an excellent fit for the youth of our sport. With an assembled weight of 28 pounds, the Junior Recruit is sturdy enough to avoid imbalances while being light enough to maintain its portability. Coming in at just under 3′ tall and 18″ wide, the Junior Recruit is a perfect fit for an office, a playroom, or even a classroom all while pairing perfectly with our newly released line of Junior discs!

Color: Matte Black

The top band on the Dynamic Discs Junior Recruit Basket is 2″ tall.

Shipping for this junior basket is FREE to the continental United States. Baskets WILL ship and arrive separately if you order other items with it.

This item will drop ship to you quickly via UPS.

Dynamic Discs Junior Recruit Basket Disc Golf Target


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